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  • New NODA version - In autumn 2021 we updated our app NODA - at GooglePlay with this nice monthly review. Now it’s possible for you to scroll all your health data in NODA.
  • Health Consultation - Due to the great demand for health topics and medication, you can request an online and / or presence health consultation at .
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    Our English website is driven by „green influence factors“ on our health. By this we mean that prevention is the best thing you can do for your health. But environmental factors grow worse, so it´s decisive to know how to live healthy before getting ill. Join this website or our newsletter (see below) to learn more.

Your health in your hands

As founder and managing director of the company M.I.Phar, who founded, it is important to guarantee the preservation of your health, especially in our modern times, through innovative, holistic concepts.

In addition, the NODA Health Index and monthly newsletters will enable you to significantly reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases.




Many illnesses and ailments can be avoided, especially when it comes to lifestyle diseases.

Be it through a change in eating habits, through regular
Gymnastics exercises or relaxation exercises.

Do you do sports regularly, for example?

Healthy sleep

If you sleep well, this is the best way to start the day!

What most do not know: One or maximum two nights,
in which you sleep badly, can be compensated on the third day with a Power Rest Day. This and
many more practical hints you will receive when subscribing to

We maintain your health, if you join!

Gesunder Schlaf


Vaccination is very important in the prevention of disease. So that you can get an idea about vaccinations, we provide you with this film of the Landesapothekerkammer Baden Württemberg.

Expert advice for your health

Provision of the NODA index as customer-driven
tool for assessing your healthy lifestyle.

Our service for you!

Get the NODA Index, a customer-driven tool for healthy lifestyle assessment.

Our maximum goal is to improve service quality in healthcare.

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Competent consulting
Exclusive advice on medicines and health issues by our specialist staff.

Medication check
Create your INTERACT drug check that shows the tolerance and interaction of your drugs.

NODA Index
Use of the NODA prevention module, including monthly evaluation for the preventive testing of your health and fitness condition. With NODA you can prevent diseases!

Assistance with questions about authorities, health insurance funds and other health care facilities.

About us

We provide quality information and research, not by lay people, but by experts. The Internet often offers an overabundance of information that is often of little help and purpose, especially in the area of ​​health. Our expert knowledge will definitely take you further. Even when it comes to finding the right specialist for you, whether doctor, pharmacist or physiotherapist.

Here our telephone consultation is used again and again.

As part of our health expert consultation you can reach our health experts every Thursday from 11-12 o’clock under the telephone number +4917699290165. Your questions sent by email to will be answered by a team of experts.

Expert knowledge


The goal of prevention is to prevent diseases.
So it’s true: prevention is better than cure!

Many diseases and complaints can be avoided, especially when it comes to lifestyle diseases.

For the rest, all persons benefit from whether pregnant, young mother or father, child, young adult or elderly person – all will be in good hands with us for their health.

Health Consulation

Due to the great demand for health topics and medication, you can request an online and / or presence health consultation at which is for the individual first contact with 5 € + VAT. be settled. Above all, our individual prevention training and medication advice on the medication you are taking is in demand. We also give personal doctor tips and advice on social cost issues and health insurance benefits. Personal, individual, safe and successful „we write capital!“

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